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Tuesday Night League is going to be amazing.  We need you to sign up!

We know that the weather has not been kind to the beginning of our re formatted league.  But it is time to get this thing going. The weather for this Tuesday looks a little iffy so we will wait to play our first warmup/score setting night for 4-17.  We have sign up sheets for your team in the golf shop.

Need the details?  Here you go:

Players per team: 5

Format: Stroke Play, Chicago Modified Stableford Floating Quota Scoring (kind of, see below), team counts best 4 of 5 for weekly and season long cumulative prizes against the field.

Scoring is as follows:

Double Bogey or More: 0 Points

Bogey: 1 Point

Par: 2 Points

Birdie: 4 Points

Eagle: 8 Points

Double Eagle: 16 Points

Floating Quota: each players Quota is based on previous score(s). Number of points above or below quota is players positive or negative score.  Players quota is adjusted for the next week by half of the pos/neg number.  The maximum adjustment for one round will be +2 and -1. A substitute player or new league player’s first score will be 0 in order to further establish a future quota.  Again, we will use the best four team score against the field for weekly, half season and full season prizes. For example, if Team scores of +3, +1, 0, -1 and -4 are scored the team score is +3 for the week!  The ball is to be played down in the rough, native grass (no mow) and in any hazards.  The ball may be moved up to 6” in the fairway.  This rule will help keep the system fair for all players.  Please enforce within your group!!

Tees: Because this system is essentially a weekly handicapping system, you may choose to play any tee you like at the start.  But, you must continue to play this tee for the entire season. Please identify the tee that you choose on your first scorecard.

Team Fee: $125

  1. $10 to mid season individual pot
  2. $15 to year end individual pot
  3. $20 to mid season team pot
  4. $30 to year end team pot
  5. $50 year end fiesta

Weekly Fee: $7

  1. $1 Pin Prize
  2. $1 High Individual
  3. $1 High Team
  4. $2 Skins Game
  5. $2 Year End Fiesta


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