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Membership Referral Discount Countdown, Tuesday Night League

10 DAYS!!! April 20th…… That’s it 10 Days!  You have 10 days left to get in on the greatest Golf Deal Mid Missouri has ever seen!  Do you need to see the details?  Click on this link: https://hailridgegolf.com/golf-membership/ You have other options, but for 1/3 of the average price you can have two premium course experiences […]

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! The weather on Thursday looks pretty good!! Our man (pictured below with an inhabitant of our irrigation pond) Jonah Brown will have the course open on Thanksgiving from 9am until 4pm! Golf is perfect with family before or after turkey!! FEEL FREE TO BRING THE POOR KID SOME THANKSGIVING FOOD! Friday’s weather looks […]

Aerificartion Update!

Update #2 as promised: Equipment that we use a couple of times a year is giving us grief, but we are back up and running!  The back 9 will be closed Monday, Sept 11th!  We are hoping to have it all aerified, overseeded, top dressed and ready to go by late afternoon!!!  Also, we have […]

Next week’s aerification schedule

Hail Ridge Golf Course: The time for aerification is never perfect.  It is a mess, it interrupts play and it just generally is no fun.  But, it is a necessity when you have the type of grass that we enjoy and has not been done in over a year.  For more information on aerification of […]

Update on no mow and greens

As many of you have seen or heard we have been battling some difficult turf conditions.  The bad news is that it looks ugly.  The good news is that it is under control, healing and putts fine! Hail Ridge sat empty for months. That was followed by a dry warm winter.  That was followed by […]

Surf and Turf!

This is our first crack at this so we need your help! We need YOU to get three friends, your bats, your poles, tackle boxes and join us for the Surf and Turf.  It is a nine hole, four person scramble followed by 20 min of fishing.  We will then subtract the total weight of […]