Update #2 as promised:

Equipment that we use a couple of times a year is giving us grief, but we are back up and running!  The back 9 will be closed Monday, Sept 11th!  We are hoping to have it all aerified, overseeded, top dressed and ready to go by late afternoon!!!  Also, we have a Boonville Girls Meet on the front beginning at 3:30pm!!!  GO PIRATES!!!!




The aerification process is under way.  Things were running smoothly, but we have had a piece of equipment go down and can not get a replacement part until Friday.

The Front 9 is done and will re open tomorrow (Thursday), meaning that all 18 holes will be available tomorrow until 3!  At 3 we will close the back 9 for a Boonville Pirates Girls Golf Meet.  On Friday both nines will be open until we get our replacement part in (10-11am).  We will then close the back nine and get it done before the weekend!

Again, we will continue to run our $20 special for golf with cart and $2 beer during this process!

Thank you all!!!!!